How to read someone else’s messages in WhatsApp

Hello gays! Probably everyone wants to read whatsapp messages from another person, for example from you girlfriend or wife. Is there an easy way to do it. The method is very simple. Unfortunately, it helps in all cases. If you want to check the fidelity of you wife or husband, then this is the best option. If you can not access your phone, and you have only a number, this method will not help.

How to read Whatsapp messages

Read the other person’s message in his phone, you can use the function Whatsapp web. It allows you to see the correspondence in real time. This function is created by the developers vatsap, so it is perfectly legal.  I use very little trick and teach you this

Can I crack Whatsapp?

Yes of course, but to read the messages Whatsapp you need to pick up the phone the other person for at least 1 minute. Better for 2-3 minutes.  Whatsaoo web is used for the messages can be sent via the PC. But in order to spy on someone, he is also nice. Web page Whatsapp link here. You need the latest version of any browser, Google Chrome suit.

access, account, whatsapp

Next you have to be a computer on which the Web page is open WhatsApp. On the page, you see the QR code, which must be regarded as a camera phone. To do this, you need to log in Vatsap program menu in the phone of his girlfriend (wife, husband or boyfriend)

whatsapp messages web

Opening the program whatsapp menu and you will see a string Whatsapp web. Come in and see the following window:

whatsapp access

Approx phone camera to the computer screen QR-code is scan to be on the computer and the page with all chats Whatsapp.

How do you know that your message Whatsapp read?

If your phone is activated this feature, you can find out about it by going to the section of Whatsapp Web. There you can see which computer open your chats. If necessary, you can complete all sessions.

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