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Elex Hijacker Description

 Elex Hijacker, suptab

The Elex Hijacker is a Web browser hijacker that may take over a Web browser, change its homepage and other settings and prevent computer users from restoring their Web browser to its default setting. The Elex Hijacker may be associated with a variety of other unwanted symptoms. The main reason that makes the Elex Hijacker is considered a browser hijacker is because its main purpose is to take over a Web browser to force computer users to view certain websites repeatedly and open new Web browser windows and tabs while the computer users attempt to use their computers. The Elex Hijacker is promoted as a useful Web browser extension or add-on. However, PC security researchers have determined that the Elex Hijacker does not offer any useful or beneficial service. Rather, the Elex Hijacker is designed to make money at the expense of computer users by displaying advertisements or forcing them to visit websites related to their affiliate websites.

The Elex Hijacker may Expose Your Computer to Threatening Content

One of the main problems related to the Elex Hijacker is that computer users don’t really have any control over the websites that their Web browser forces them to visit. This may cause computers to become infected with threats or other low-level threats as a result of the Elex Hijacker redirects or pop-ups. Essentially, the Elex Hijacker itself is a low-level threat, but various pop-up messages and affiliated websites may expose your computer to more threatening unwanted content. Another issue with the Elex Hijacker is that it may deliver large volumes of advertising content to computer users in the form of banners, inserted links, pop-up advertisements, and other unwanted advertisements added to the websites viewed on the affected Web browser. The Elex Hijacker may cause important performance issues on affected computers. If the Elex Hijacker is installed on your Web browser, this may increase the probability of crashing, freezing or a slower performance.

How the Elex Hijacker may Infect a Computer

One of the ways in which the Elex Hijacker may be distributed is by using typical threat deliver methods. Because of this, you should be well protected from the Elex Hijacker if your computer is safeguarded against threats, or if you have taken steps to avoid threats when browsing the Web. However, browser hijackers such as the Elex Hijacker may pass anti-malware protection. This is because the Elex Hijacker and other low-level threats also may be distributed by bundling them with other software. Computer users may be confused or surprised by the sudden appearance of the Elex Hijacker on their Web browser, which may happen right after they have installed software on their computers. However, the software is rarely the culprit. Rather, it is not uncommon for free programs to be bundled with components like the Elex Hijacker, often advertised as useful Web browser add-ons or extensions. Once the Elex Hijacker enters a computer, it may take the form of a browser toolbar or extension and interfere with the affected Web browser constantly.

Why the Elex Hijacker may be Bundled with Other Software

The most common way of distributing the Elex Hijacker and similar low-level threats is by bundling them with other software. Con artists may take popular free software and use custom installers or bundlers to include the Elex Hijacker or similar components along with the installation of that software. In most cases, the custom installers may be created to make it hard for computer users to realize that the Elex Hijacker or another unwanted component is being installed. The Elex Hijacker may be set to be installed by default, requiring computer users to opt out. The option to opt out of installing the Elex Hijacker also may be hidden behind a ‘Custom Installation’ or ‘Advanced Installation’ options. Computer users are advised to pay careful attention to the entire set up process when installing any new software.

Aliases: Adware ( 004d2a5f1 ) [K7GW], ADW_ELEX [TrendMicro-HouseCall], Artemis!5C76D5C030CB [McAfee], Artemis!Trojan [McAfee-GW-Edition], PUP/Win32.Generic [AhnLab-V3], PUP/XTab [Panda], Riskware/Elex [Fortinet], Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT [VIPRE] and Win32/ELEX.FJ potentially unwanted [ESET-NOD32].

Elex Hijacker files

File Name
\??\C:\Program Files (x86)\SupTab\cfgdrv64.cfg
\??\C:\Program Files\SupTab\cfgdrv32.cfg
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